Tuesday, March 18, 2003

I'll be posting in more detail very soon, I promise. I'm waiting for some good light so I can take photographs of what I've accomplished so far. Little green things are poking up all over the place and I'm thrilled as though I've given birth to little babies in the hundreds. *g*

The wild flowers I planted weren't enough, I decided, and I added two kinds of cosmos, jasmine alata and salvia in various colors. I got the moonflowers and morning glories planted. We'll see if I over did it. *g*

More when I have photos to share, and coming soon, a vegetable garden!!

Friday, March 14, 2003

So I started gardening.

A few days ago, Marc started digging out a little plot beside his original one and I said something along the lines of "I wish I had a bit o' dirt to dig in."

Wish granted. :)

The original idea was that over spring break, Kidlet and I would create a mother/son garden together. Uh....not. He had better things to do with his time, and once I started digging and plotting (ha! pun intended) what the final result would look like, I was glad he'd opted out.

I've never gardened before. I had a vegetable garden planted for me shortly before I moved into a house once. All I had to do was weed, water and eat the results. As satisfying as that was, it wasn't the same as having my own little plot of dirt.

My new garden isn't a vegetable garden. It's a flower garden. It took me two days to get the bed dug, free-ish of rocks, raked and smoothed out. I lined it on all four sides with rocks (and stuff), staking my claim to it. I saw drops of sweat fall into the soil as I dug (it was hella hot today) and beamed with pride. My sweat. In my soil.

I had no idea how satisfying this could be.

So, here's what I've planted so far.

In the left front corner I planted dill, oregano and cilantro. In the left back corner I planted some red velvet sun flowers. In the right front corner I planted dill and thyme. More red velvet sun flowers in the right back corner. In the back center, I planted a mix of climbers that *didn't* need to be soaked over night. Tomorrow I'll be planting morning glories and moon flowers on either side of the mixed climbers. I planted cherry nasturtiums in the front of the bed and english and southern wild flowers in the middle of bed.

If nothing grows, I swear to Goddess I'll cry.

Tomorrow? Before and after pictures. For now, I need a bath.